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London-based singer songwriter Raff


Almost born behind a Fish'n'Chip Shop counter, a future in 'Salt'n'sauce?' never quite inspired this lad.  Infact he rebelled.  Well at least he tried.  He got himself...a degree in Business!  On the surface he still tried to please his Italian family, but underneath it all lay an overwhelming desire - to sing.


Seduced by the world of Soul music that he discovered on a free mixtape he got with a new pair of green denim jeans, RAFF home-schooled himself singing along to the likes of Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder in his bedroom.  But painfully shy, it wasn't until a job as a singing waiter that RAFF found the courage to scratch this itch.


Since then, he hasn't looked back, garnering rave reviews in National press, radio and podcast features across the globe, from Aberdeen to Dubai, London to NYC and even having a radio hit in Brazil. He also features on the PS2 global smash series Grand Theft Auto. RAFF has appeared alongside acts such as Lily Allen, Plan B, Ed Sheeran, Emeli Sandé, Marlena Shaw, Carleen Anderson and Ian Shaw, in venues such as Ronnie Scott's (London), Jazz Cafe (London), 100 Club (London), Shoreditch/Soho/Home House (London), The Ivy (London), The Hippodrome (London), Norwood House (NYC), The Bitter End (NYC).


A creative soul, RAFF has turned his hand to many different aspects of art: from curating and hosting live music showcases, DJing, photography, styling, designing his own promo, and even a turn at the World of Burlesque with rave reviews as his alter-ego Buck Svizz.  But on stage singing is where RAFF is most at home.

"Raff has a voice as smooth as International Velvet and the Mediterranean looks to match"

- Metro


- Janice Long BBCRadio2

"Raff puts Scotland on the map...this is something with longevity ****"

- DJ Mag

"Raff has the style and stage presence, not to mention the talent, of a true star!" 



the singer

on the radio

the music

RAFF started off singing in the jazz bars and clubs of Edinburgh with an amazing band of musicians, fusing soul with R&B and hiphop, releasing an album and two EPs. On moving to London, he explored his love of club music and collaborated on the electro-pop-soul laiden Soul Electric EP with producer Dead Love Junkies to great acclaim.  


Since then RAFF has been collaborating with Dance producers all over the World bringing his signature brand of energetic soulful soaring vocals and showcasing his addictive writing-style evocative of his old skool soul influences, as well as nuturing his own projects in the pipeline.


Aside from performing his own material up and down the country, RAFF has become renowned for his covers, singing songs from the 1940s to present day, all with his own unique arrangement and soul/jazz twist.  Expect to hear the likes of Etta James alongside David Guetta in perfect, really!  

Check out the live videos in the MUSIC section.

BBCRadio1 (UK) • BBCRadio2 (UK) • Radio1xtra (UK) • Beat106 (Scotland) • Cave Radio (LA) • JemmOne Radio (UK) • Galaxy FM (Newcastle) • Music Choice TV (USA) • Shmu FM (Aberdeen) • Radio Cultura FM (Brazil) • Radio Max FM (Brazil) • Radio Jovem Palma FM (Brazil) • Radio Mirante FM (Brazil) •  Radio Gazeta Maceio (Brazil) • Jovem Pan Maceio 102.7 (Brazil) • 96 Maceio a Mais Ouvida • (Brazil) Jovem Pan Recife 95.9 (Brazil) • Clube FM 99.1 (Brazil) • Afternoongroove Radio (Washington)  • DJCome of Age podcast (Germany; • Poetic Sunshine (USA; • Subcity Radio 106.6FM (Glasgow) • podcast (Aberdeen)  • (London)  • (USA) • (UK) • (NY) •  KHPZ Radio Network (LA) • 

in the press

"One of the most beautiful voices on a male you're likely to hear...this is what he was born to do"


"(Raff) has a voice as smooth as International Velvet and the Mediterranean looks to match" 



"If you’ve never understood the meaning of ‘stage presence’ then you need look no further"


‎'“Soul Electric:" an unapologetically raw almost four minute song of electro soul glory' 

The Catalyst Magazine


"Soul Electric...3.5 minutes of pop perfection"


"Raff’s voice fills the room and draws the listener in with a closeness rarely found amongst his contemporaries...8/10"


"Raff puts Scotland on the map...this is something with longevity" ****

DJ Mag 


"Raff has the style and stage presence, not to mention the talent, of a true star! " 


"...the boy can hit all dem notes you never thought possible to hit with ease"


"Terrific voice, a good ear for production and his heart's in his music. What more do you want?" 

The Fly 



Janice Long BBCRadio2 


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