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New Release: IN MY EYES ep

I'm happy to finally release this body of work that I'm very proud of.

I created it during a time when I was feeling a little lost musically. I had some songs lying around and no producer, so I went into the studio with my amazing band, The Remedies, and created my EP: In My Eyes.

No agenda. Just to create what was in us to create. What appeared was a tale about the demise of a relationship, from both perspectives:

I set the scene with the Intro, speaking of the connection and dependency of the protagonists.

We are introduced to this couple who realise something is wrong and are trying to make it right, but never seem to be on the same page...Please, Listen to me...

Without warning, a quick glance, and they know that Nothing Will Ever be the Same. No words. Just one, brief, look...

The final realisation that they Wasted so much time on this person. Resentment sets in and they vow to never waste another second...

The final realisation from the other side, that they used to rely on the other person to help define themselves. But they've managed to make peace with the situation and are ready to move on. The war cry, telling them to leave as they've given them Another Song to Sing.

I hope you enjoy the journey we've created for you. I want to give a special thanks to Stuart Pringle (drums) Linden Grant (keys) Adrian Brudney (guitar) and Neal Flynn (bass/engineer)...thank you for helping me create this beautiful collection of songs. We did it!

IN MY EYES is OUT NOW on all digital platforms.

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