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St-st-st-st-studio time!

We did it! We're in the studio...finally!

It's been an amazing experience so far, recording these songs with the awesomeness that is The Remedies. They've blessed my EP with their writing skills and talents and I'm so so grateful to them. It's not over yet. We're still busy making it perfect, but we're finally getting closer to sharing this EP with you all. And the remixes are sounding EPIC too.

I'm filming a behing-the-scenes vlog for you too so watch out for that.

I've also been busy with some other producers on some projects which is very exciting indeed! Watch out for news on those coming very soon. It's been an incredible year so far...going to Budapest to record vocals for a new collaboration with Blind Mice, working with 3 different house producers in Norway, 1 in London, 1 in Miami and 1 in Ibiza!

I'm working very hard right now and enjoying every single minute and I hope to share the fruits of that labour with you soon. In the meantime, thank you all for your continuted support. There's so much more to come!

til soon.


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