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So 2 things happened: I Britney'd and shaved all my hair off to much consternation! And then I went and performed my song Another Song to Sing with The Remedies at The Jazz Cafe for the 'Behind the Hitz' competition to a panel of industry judges (including The Floacist of Floetry!), up against 7 other great acts...and I WON!

I was humbled and delighted by the response from the judges and the crowd and gave me back some much needed fire in my belly! This journey is a rollercoaster, believe me, so when I get comments such as 'I wish I knew the words so I could sing along' and 'this could be a HIT', it makes me happy. Very happy. I'm now in the final, so watch this space for details. And doesn't my award look pretty on newly shaved head! WOOP!

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