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Cancel The Sunshine

So when you watch an emotionally wrought piece of theatre, it's hard enough but when the subject is a dear friend, written by said friend, with a character based on you, featuring a song you wrote, it somewhat heightens that experience!

Cancel The Sunshine is an important piece of theatre shining a stark light on mental health, with wonderful writing by Chantelle Dusette, fantastic direction by Scott Le Crass and perfectly executed by Maya Thomas. Do yourself a favour and go see this before is closes on April 2nd - tickets here. It also supports the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

So very proud my friend...shine brightly x

★★★★ "Thomas is giving everything… not only incredibly powerful and moving but equally very funny when warranted."



"Dramatically exciting"

Everything Theatre

"Viscerally brutal but in the best possible way - hugely recommended."

There Ought to be Clowns

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